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Do you know what your value message is?

If you don’t, it’s going to be hard to convey the value you provide to your potential clients.

Our message needs to be clear in order for us to be clear in our marketing. We need to be able to say what we do in a very concise way so that potential clients know right away that we are the people to help them.

Your value message, value proposition, or unique selling proposition (USP) is the foundation for your marketing. When someone asks what you do, you have the answer. When someone lands on your website, boom, it’s right there.

Ensuring this is CLEAR will ensure that your marketing is clear. The last thing you want to do is confuse potential clients. Confused clients don’t buy–and they don’t ask questions either. They leave and find someone else.

Lucky for you, we can craft your value message with a simple formula, which I’ll be teaching you today!

Before we dive in…

Revisit your niche and ideal client worksheets. WHO exactly do you help? Who is your ideal client? Can you picture them in your head?

HOW do you help them? What problems do you solve for them? What transformation do you help them achieve?

You want to be able to tell people in ONE sentence exactly who you help them and how. Which is exactly what this magic formula does.

The magic value message formula

This seems too simple to be true, but here it is!


Using this formula, you’ll be able to clearly explain who you help, what you help them do, and the means by which you do it. Start with this exact formula, and I’ll show you how to mix it up a little in a minute.

Value message examples

Wondering what this looks like? Here are a few value message examples to get your wheels turning!

I help nutritionists book more clients by creating delicious websites without the headache.

I help animal rescues place more pets in loving homes by connecting them with new families via social media without algorithm stress.

I help course creators enroll more students by crafting sales pages that convert wihout launching.

I help small business owners get back their free time by automating their systems without adding new software.

For extra credit, head to a few of your favorite websites and see if you can guess their value message based on their website content!

Create YOUR value message

Take the time right now to create your value message using this formula. Here it is again if you scrolled down too far:


Alright, it’s your turn! What’s your value message?

Mixing it up

Once you understand the basic formula, you can mix up the phrasing to make it sound more natural, use in different formats, and better connect with your audience.

Don’t be afraid to get down to your core niche or ideal client. Be as specific as you can so the right people will hire you and the wrong people won’t.

Mixed-up value message examples

Here’s what the above value messages might look like once they are mixed up:

Delectable websites for whole-food nutritionists that sell their services like whole-grain hotcakes--no tech headaches required!

You know so many loving animals need homes? I provide social media strategy for cat rescues to help them connect to new loving families. No need to fight the algorithm!

Enroll more students in your courses without launching with a strategic sales page.

I systematize small businesses using the tech they already know so that they go from overwhelmed to weekends off.

As you can see, the message for each is still the same, but the order has changed and we’ve gotten more niched.

This is totally optional. You can use the straight formula in your marketing if you want—there’s nothing wrong with that—but don’t feel locked in. You can get more creative in your messaging as long as it’s still clear.

Mix it up!

Write your value message in new ways, to see what works best for you and your audience, as well as the application you’ll be using it.

Yes, right now! Go!

Is your Value Message Consistent?

It’s not enough to just have your message on your home page. That’s a great start, but your message must be consistent throughout your website and all of your marketing so that there’s no confusion about who you help or how you help them.

Review your website, social media profiles, etc. Where is your message unclear? Don’t look just at the text—are there any images that are out of place? For example, if you’re targeting nutritionists but none of your images contain food, you’re creating a disconnect in your messaging.

Take the time to review your website and other marketing materials now!


By following the formula “I help [NICHE] [ACHIEVE THEIR GOAL] by [WHAT YOU DO] without [WHAT THEY DON’T WANT],” you can clearly convey your value message to potential clients.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up so it sounds natural and connects with your target audience!

Be sure to review all your marketing materials to be sure your messaging is consistent.

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