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Wondering how to use quizzes in your web design business?

Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Well, I’m sure someone out there doesn’t, but millions of people looking for ways to waste time on the internet take quizzes.

Why? They’re fun! And useful. How else would you know which Spice Girl you are or what state you should live in?

But seriously, people love quizzes. They love taking them, and they love sharing their results.

Quizzes aren’t just silly fun though. They can be used strategically to grow your email list and funnel visitors into making a purchase.

Here’s how to use quizzes in your web design business–for both you and your clients!

How to use quizzes as a web designer

When visitors first land on your website, they may not be ready to hire you yet. After all, how can they be sure that you know what you’re doing?

Enter: the quiz.

Using a personality-type quiz, you can entertain potential customers and give them helpful information at the same time.

Let’s say you do brand design, so you create a quiz called, “What’s your brand style?” which walks potential customers through important questions that help them refine their branding.

At the end, they can share their result with others on social media (which can bring in more customers who want to find out what their brand style is), as well as opt-in to get a “Brand Style Guide” which helps them further nail down the specifics of their brand.

And now that they’ve opted in, you send them an email series that funnels them into booking a branding package with you.

This quiz funnel can turn cold leads who happened to land on your website (maybe via a Pinterest link) into clients with little effort on your part after the initial setup.

It allows you to inject personality into the quiz, give clients helpful information, show off your expertise, and give clients the confidence that you’re the right person to work with (or, alternately, weed out bad fits).

But what if you don’t do brand design? What quiz could you create?

Quiz ideas for web designers:

  • What’s your brand style?
  • Are you ready for a website redesign?
  • Which website platform is right for you?
  • Should you use a website template or get a custom site?
  • Which website template is the best fit for you?

Whatever quiz you create, make sure it leads to a service or product you offer!

How to use quizzes for client sites

As a web designer, not only can you make a quiz (or quizzes) for your own website, you can offer quiz setup as a service to your clients.

Again, quizzes should be used strategically, so be sure to help your clients plan how to incorporate a smart, strategic quiz into their website design.

Is your client selling an ecourse? Use a quiz to funnel website visitors into enrolling. This can help increase conversions for your client, which means you add a ton of value and can charge more.

Of course, you don’t want to have to create the entire quiz for your clients–but you do want to give them guidelines to follow so they can create the quiz and you can set it up for them.

Quiz guidelines for clients:

  • Determine what you’re selling/specific end goal is (opt-in, purchase, etc.)
  • Create 3-5 “personality types”
  • Create 5-10 questions
  • For each personality type, provide an answer to each question
  • Outline what happens for each result (e.g., gets a free download, put on mailing list, etc.)

There’s a bit more to it than that, but outlining the quiz creation (maybe even offering a worksheet to clients to fill out) will help them design a quiz that helps them achieve their goals and makes it easy for you to set up.

Quiz creation tools

There are a lot of quiz creation tools and software options out there, and I’ve tried several. My favorites are WordPress Viral Quiz and Interact, both of which I’ve tried for myself and my clients.

Both of these options create “Buzzfeed-Style” quizzes, also known as “personality” quizzes, and can be hooked to mailing list providers to add quiz participants to your (or your client’s) mailing list. You can require quiz-takers to opt-in (or not) to get their quiz results, and both have options for sharing on social media, which can lead others back to taking the quiz.

Each has pros and cons, and the right option depends on you/your client and your specific needs.

WordPress Viral Quiz

WordPress Viral Quiz is inexpensive and works on WordPress. This means if you or your client is on Squarespace or any platform besides WordPress, this isn’t the option for you.

The plugin works well, but it isn’t super intuitive with setup. It took me some fiddling to set it up the way I wanted. It does look good on the front-end of the website though, and it works. If you want support you’ll need to renew the license yearly, but again, the price is reasonable.

This is a great option for you or clients if you’re unsure about whether quizzes are a good marketing tool for your audience or if you don’t need quiz analytics. I’ve used WordPress Viral Quiz on several client sites and have been very happy with it.

Interact Quizzes

If you or your client want more bells and whistles, Interact is for you.

Not only do Interact’s quizzes work on any website (simply paste in some embed code), but they also host them, so if you wanted to, you could send quiz takers directly to the quiz without having to put it on your (or your client’s) website at all.

Besides that, Interact also offers quiz analytics, so you can see how many people are taking your quizzes and how well your quizzes are converting into opt-ins. With an intuitive interface and quiz-setup guidance, getting up and running is quick and painless.

These bells and whistles come at a higher price than WordPress Viral Quiz, but they make life easier and allow you to make strategic adjustments that will ensure the quiz converts as you want. If you (or your client) really want to use quizzes strategically, I’d recommend Interact.

Psst! I use Interact for my client screening quiz!


Quizzes are fun for website visitors and can be used strategically to increase opt-ins and conversions.

As a web designer, you can use quizzes to market to your own clients, as well as offer quiz setup as a service, adding value and some fun to your strategic website designs.

If you haven’t tried quizzes in your business yet–give them a shot!

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