What type of quiz should you use to convert website visitors into customers?

Quizzes are a fun and interesting way to collect information from your clients and potential clients and guide them on their journey working with you. And there are several types of quizzes you can choose from to get the most out of your website.

By the way, quizzes convert at a whopping average of 40%, which is HUGE. For service providers like web designers, the average is even a little higher, at 42.2% for a potential client starting the quiz to becoming an actual lead.

That’s probably way higher than if they just downloaded a PDF freebie from your website.

Today, I’m going to talk about a few different kinds of quizzes that you can use in your web design business to help you convert website visitors into clients–in a really fun way!

Bonus: Knowing how to create effective quizzes offers you another skill to offer your web design clients and help them boost their website conversions too!

Personality Quiz

Personality quizzes tap into human curiosity by offering insights into one’s personality traits, preferences, or characteristics.

These types of quizzes are super fun, and people love to share their results. Think about all those Buzzfeed quizzes like “What Spice Girl Are You?” or “What’s Your Design Style?”

My favorite way for web designers to use personality quizzes is to help clients narrow down their brand or design style in a fun way while getting them on your email list. Then, you can funnel them into booking a project with you.

By default, personality quizzes are fun, low-commitment ways to start a relationship with your audience, so they make an excellent first quiz to test in your business.

Personality quiz example:

This is an example of a personality quiz you can use in your web design business. In fact, this one is a pre-made template from Interact that you would only need to tweak, connect to your email list, and launch!

Personality quiz ideas:

  • What’s your website style?
  • What’s your brand archetype?

What kind of personality test would work best for you and your business? Brainstorm a few ideas now!

Assessment Quiz

Assessment quizzes enable users to evaluate whether they are ready or not for a particular task.

In this case, we can use an assessment quiz to discover if a client is ready to work with us. This is a really great way to get fence-sitters off the fence; moving those who are ready to work with us forward, and weeding out anyone who isn’t ready yet.

If you’ve got an audience who isn’t quite sure if they’re ready to work with a web designer, an assessment quiz is the way to go. Be sure to follow up the assessment with an email funnel about how you work and why you’re the right choice for them.

Assessment quiz example:

Here’s an assessment quiz that Interact used AI to generate based on my website content! If you blog about when the right time to work with a web designer is, you could do the same thing!

Assessment quiz ideas:

  • Are you ready for a website redesign?
  • Is your current website letting you down?
  • Should you DIY or hire a web designer?

Are your potential clients still sitting on the fence? Brainstorm some quiz ideas to help get them off the fence and work with you!

Product Recommendation Quiz

Product recommendation quizzes are a type of quiz that uses the visitor’s answers to suggest personalized product recommendations.

For web designers, these quizzes can highlight your website packages or, if you sell website templates, help them choose the best template for their needs.

This is perfect if you have a wide variety of offers. Potential clients who are confused about what offer is right for them won’t buy, so eliminating confusion will increase your sales.

Product recommendation quiz example:

This is my client screening quiz–but you’ll notice at the end that you are recommended a product based on your answers!

Product recommendation quiz ideas:

  • Which website package should you choose?
  • Which website template should you choose?

Are your clients confused about which of your products/services they should choose? Brainstorm quiz ideas to help them make the right decision!

How should you make your quizzes?

I’ve tried a lot of quiz software, and I find Interact to be the best. It’s simple to use, works on any platform, and you can make of the types of quizzes we talked about today.

Interact has tons of templates to choose from to make quiz-building easy and fast. In fact, the brand archetype quiz example I used above is an Interact template–I didn’t change anything.

That means that you can select a template, tweak it to your business, and be ready to go with your first quiz in just a few minutes!

Even cooler? Interact now has an AI quiz maker, where they can create a custom quiz for you, based on your website’s content. I did that with the assessment quiz above, and it took less than 10 minutes to create, including the time I spent tweaking it.

Of course, you can also make a quiz completely from scratch if you want. That’s how I created my client screening quiz that you see above. I created everything from the questions to the graphics (the illustrations are from Canva–I didn’t draw them!). You can customize every aspect of your quiz, down to colors and fonts!

Give Interact a try!


As a web designer, you can use different types of quizzes to convert website visitors into clients and customers.

Use a personality quiz as a fun way to help potential clients discover their design style.

Assessment quizzes can be used to determine if a potential client is ready to hire you.

And product recommendation quizzes can be used to help potential clients choose the right product or package.

With an average 40% conversion rate, you shouldn’t be sleeping on quizzes. Create a quiz today using Interact‘s templates or AI and start converting more visitors into clients!

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