How to Respond When a Potential Client Says You’re Too Expensive

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What do you when a potential client says you’re too expensive?

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve likely heard potential clients tell you that you cost too much.

Which leads to second-guessing yourself and a whole lot of stress!

So what do you do?

You’ve got a few options! Here are some handy email templates I’ve created that you can copy+paste, and tweak to send to that potential client who thinks you’re too expensive.

Note: These templates are not intended to be used verbatim, but to be edited to fit your own situation and level of professionalism. Use these scripts as a starting point, but tweak them to work for you!

Option One – Educate Her on Why You’re Worth It

Hi ____!

I realize that this is a large investment, but I can assure you that I am delivering top-notch service that you won’t receive with a low-cost alternative. My clients have seen results such as ____ and ____ because I work with you to really make sure that you’re receiving a [PROJECT] that works for you and your brand. I’m not just creating a _____, I’m helping you achieve your goals.

If you don’t have the funds available at this time, I understand. Please keep me in mind for the future. If you are able and willing to invest at this time, let me know and I’ll tell you the next steps.



Why this script works

You acknowledge the cost of your services, but assure her that you’re offering great work. You explain why you’re qualified to charge the amount that you charge by giving examples of the results that your past clients have seen after working with you. At the end, you give her the option to walk away, but you don’t back down on your pricing, putting the ball in her court.

Option Two – Offer a Little Less

Hi ____!

I realize that this is a large investment, so working with your budget I’ve come up with this alternate option (see attached).

You’ll still get a killer [PROJECT], we’ll just remove some of the bells and whistles for now, so you can stay on-budget. Right now we’ll focus on just the main goals of your [PROJECT] to create something that meets your needs.

In this case I’ve removed ____ so we can include ____ which is what will really help you achieve more sales. If you want to add those whistles in down the road, we can schedule another project to do just that!

Please let me know if you are ready to move ahead with this new option.


Why this script works

You acknowledge the cost of your services, but don’t back down from your pricing. Instead, you offer an alternative that meets your client’s main goals (the important stuff!) while removing anything extra that raises the cost, but doesn’t really change the overall effectiveness of the project.

For example, if the client is a photographer who wants a custom website with a killer photo gallery, but can’t afford both, using a pre-made theme (with some tweaks to match her branding) and installing a fantastic gallery that will showcase her work might be the best option. Use your best judgement, and don’t be afraid to discuss what the real priorities of the project are.

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Option Three – Don’t back down

Hi ____!

I realize that this is a large investment and it sounds like funding isn’t currently available for this project. I completely understand that this is more than you budgeted for, and that working with me right now may not be the best option for you.

If, in the future, funding becomes available, please do not hesitate to reach out so that we can work on your _____ together!



Why this script works

You acknowledge the cost of your services, and you don’t back down. You let her know that if she’s ready to invest in the future, you’re ready to work with her. Staying firm on your pricing tells clients that you are worth what you’re asking.

Wrap up

These scripts are simple, to-the-point, and make it clear you’re not willing to haggle your prices. Standing firm re-enforces the value and expertise you provide. Don’t stress about how to respond, simply copy+paste and tweak one of these templates!

Want more?

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Get over 125 email templates to help you respond to sticky client situations!

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