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Did you know you can impress your clients and keep your projects running smoothly with a two-minute Friday email?

The Friday Email is one of the easiest things you can implement in your creative service-based business to improve your client experience and keep everything running smoothly.

Imagine this: you’re happily plugging along on a client project, making progress, and then… BAM! You’re blindsided by an angry email from your client, wondering why you’re taking so long and implying that you’ve run off to the beach somewhere with their money.

You’re hurt, angry, and TBH, really pissed off because you HAVE been working, really hard, on their project.

Now, the entire project is soured.

This happens, quite frequently. We get so caught up in our work, that we forget to keep our clients in the loop, and they think the worst of us. I’ve had it happen, and I’ve seen it happen to other creative entrepreneurs.

Fortunately, there’s a really simple fix, called The Friday Email.

This email is a game-changer when it comes to improving client management and the overall project experience–for us and for our clients! All it takes is two minutes, and everyone is kept on the same page and happy. I’m gonna tell you exactly what to say so you can use the Friday email today! Or… on Friday.

Quick tip: Okay, this is called the Friday email, but you can send it on whatever day makes the most sense for you/your business/your clients. Monday is also a great option–just tweak the template accordingly.

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The Friday Email

The Friday Email is simply a quick update that you send your clients every–you guessed it–Friday. Or, whenever your workweek ends if not on Friday.

This simple email lets your clients know the progress of their project, and that you aren’t sipping daiquiris on the beach with their hard-earned cash.

Also, the Friday Email doesn’t actually have to be an email. If you use a project management system (which I highly recommend!) you can post the update in there. You could also do this as a scheduled phone call. The point is just that you do it!

What to say in your Friday Email

Before you start worrying that the Friday Email is going to be a whole big thing, taking up tons of time and energy, relax. The Friday Email takes just two minutes when you use this template!

Hi ____,
Here’s an update on what I accomplished this week on your project:

- Brand moodboard (approved)
- Initial logo designs

Next week I’ll need the following from you:

- Your choice of logo to tweak

Once you do that, I’ll start working on:

- Logo tweaks
- Website layout

Have a great weekend!

You can save this email as a canned response and just swap out the names and bullet points as needed.

Not only does this easy Friday email keep your client in the loop, it also reminds them if they have anything they need to do to keep the project moving forward and tells them what is happening next. It’s a double-whammy with improved client experience and faster projects.


Email your active clients every Friday with an update. Use the template above to quickly and easily send your clients a Friday Email with updates about their project and let them know what is happening next.

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Originally published 10/15/21. Updated 10/25/23.

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