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One of the things I’m asked most often is, “Do I really need a contract?”

And the answer: YES.

100% YES.

Do not make a website without one!

I don’t care if you’re working with a stranger, your best friend, or your grandma. You NEED a contract to protect yourself and them and keep your relationship from heading south.

So it might be no surprise that the next question I hear all the time is, “Where do I find a contract I can use for my web design services?”

Well, you’re in luck because that’s what I have for you today! Here are some of my favorite places to get contracts you can easily edit and use for your business.

Contract Killer

Contract Killer is a free (with upgrade options) open-source contract for web designers and developers. It’s been used by thousands of website professionals and is a great starting template!

Please note: Contract Killer is UK-based, and will need some edits for US-based businesses.

Get Contract Killer here!

Contract Club

If you’re looking for a bundle of contract templates, look no further!

Braden Drake has compiled a massive collection of contract templates for all kinds of freelancers and walks you through creating your own custom contract.

The best part? You get everything for just $30!

Join Contract Club!

Monster Contracts

If you’re a WordPress web designer, I highly recommend Monster Contracts.

Made specifically for WordPress web designers and developers, Monster Contracts includes everything you need to keep your clients from becoming un-friendly monsters.

From website build to website management services, Monster Contracts has you covered!

Get Monster Contracts!

Tweak your contract and have it reviewed

Did you choose one of these contracts to get started with?


But you do still need to do a little work.

Use one of these templates as a starting point, tweak it for your business, and have a local lawyer review it to be sure it works in your specific area and business.

This will cost a LOT less than hiring a lawyer to draft a contract from scratch but ensure you get some customized help to protect yourself.


You NEED a contract. No ifs, ands, or buts.

With these resources, you have no excuse. Do not work without a contract. Protect yourself and your business today!

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Originally published 3/26/2018. Updated 11/27/2023.

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