How to Price Your Web Design Services and Make Money!

Struggling to price your web design services? You’re not alone! Pricing is hard. Figuring out what people will pay and what you need to make and closing any gaps in between can be tricky. A lot of designers get hung up on how to price web design services. But you can do it! I like…

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A marketing plan on post-it notes

Marketing Strategy: Why You Need One in Your Web Design Business

Most web designers don’t have a marketing strategy. Instead, they’re hopping from social platform to social platform and wondering why they’re not getting clients. Facebook. Instagram. Tiktok. There’s always something new and shiny we’re told we HAVE to be a part of in order to successfully market our businesses. But the truth is: joining a…

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How to Manifest Clients in Your Web Design Business

Is it possible to manifest clients into your web design business? Does sending out the right vibes make clients magically show up? I’ve seen a ton on manifesting happening in online businesses lately, so I thought I’d look into it more. But first, let’s lay it on the table: I’m not at all woo-woo. I’m…

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Why Do Web Designers Under-Charge for Their Services?

Why are so many web designers under-charging? Trust me; it’s not just you! It’s not a simple black-and-white answer, but here are a few reasons you (and all your designer friends) are under-charging. You think you’ve got to compete with other designers Can we stop already with the competition? There is enough work to go…

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Welcome to Design Bread!

I’m so excited you’re here and ready to make more bread (AKA $$$). You’re in the right place if: You’re a web designer–because Design Bread is specifically about helping web designers and people who build the web. You want to run a more profitable business–without being glued to your computer or juggling 57 clients at…

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Why Is It So Hard to Get Web Design Clients?

Oh. Em. Gee. It can be SO hard to get web design clients. Believe me, I know. It’s something I used to struggle with too. Whether you’re brand new or have been at this a while, every month, it’s the same story: clients are nowhere to be found. You KNOW they’re out there, but it…

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Do You Really Have to Find Your Web Design Niche?

By far, the most resistance I face when teaching students in my course, or in my consulting work is with finding and narrowing down to a web design niche for their business. “If I narrow down to a web design niche, I’ll be turning customers away!” “I don’t want to limit myself to working with…

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Why You’re Attracting Cheap Web Design Clients

Do you ever how some web designers are able to attract those high-paying clients and create consistently high income, month after month, while the only clients who seem to want to hire you are those cheap clients who are always penny-pinchers with a serious case of scope-creep? It’s not that other designers necessarily have better…

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3 Mockup Mistakes You’re Making With Your Web Design Projects

Are you making these three mockup mistakes? I used to dread sending website mockups to clients. I knew there would be changes. And changes… ….and changes. Every time I sent a mockup I held my breath. And every time I saw the client had responded it to it… I held it longer. I didn’t want…

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How to Create Consistent Income in Your Web Design Business

Do you have consistent income in your web design business? As a freelance web designer, income can be very unstable and inconsistent. One month, you feel like Scrooge McDuck, with a huge amount of cash coming in–but the next? Your income drops way down, or maybe you don’t make anything at all. Some months you…

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