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🍞 Stop wasting time on admin work?

🍞 Charge higher prices?

🍞 Spend less time at your computer?

🍞 Bring in amazing clients on repeat?

...it would feel pretty great, right?

You’re in the Right Spot!

(a spot that’s almost as fun as Target’s dollar spot!)

Here at Design Bread, it’s my goal to help web designers (just like you) streamline their businesses, make more money, and attract great clients consistently.

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Hey, I'm Erin.

I help web designers make more money (aka BREAD 🍞) without working more.

I've been running my own web design business since 2012 (and making websites since 1999!). And to be honest, the first few years of my business, sucked.

In my first year, I worked really hard and made a lot of websites, but by the end of the year, I only had $12,000 to show for it. I knew I couldn't sustain what I was doing--slashing prices to land jobs and putting up with endless revision cycles from nightmare clients--so I started to raise my rates.

My next year was better, but I was still doing it wrong. I was focusing on selling the wrong things, to everyone.

Then I finally figured it out. And I started attracting clients I loved, who were willing to pay my rates with no hesitation.

Here's what happened: My clients weren't hiring me to make them a website, they were hiring me to solve their problems, and because I was giving them a MUCH better experience during the project than anyone else.

My processes (aka organizational skills) allowed me to go from charging $500 per website, to my rates today--which start at $10,500.

I provide real value and results, and I love my clients.

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