#1 Wiggle Expression in Adobe After Effects

#1 Wiggle Expression in Adobe After Effects

The Wiggle Expression can do more that just wiggle an item around. It can flicker lights, move your camera, or even help you make a random painting with the write-on effect. Check out this tutorial for all of your random motion needs!

If you are already familiar with the wiggle expression this tutorial may still be of value to you! Rather than just give you one demo project that uses the wiggle expression, I have put together many simple ideas to get your creative gears moving! I will also demonstrate how to turn the wiggle expression on and off, and vary the wiggle intensity over time. This is a feature that you won’t find in many other wiggle tutorials, trust me, I know!

click here to download the project files


Check out the following link, it will show you how you can set the time to start and the time to stop the wiggle, all by writing in the expression!

Adobe Help and Resource Center: Expressions.


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Aeportal: Puppet Tool

Post a link and let us know what you end up using this for, or if you have any questions! Thanks for watching!

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