Cheat Sheets, For Everything

Cheat Sheets, For Everything

We have collected a cheat sheet for just about everything and everyone! Video programs, Image Editing Programs, Web Languages, SEO, Social Media, and even Photography cheat sheets can be found below!

Cheat sheets are a great way to have references on hand for everything from shortcuts and hot keys, to handy tips to improve your workflow. Be sure to browse the whole page and see all of the categories! Book mark this page also so that the next time you are looking for a particular cheat sheet you can just come right here and find it quickly!
We will also be updating this page as new versions of software come out, and as you our readers suggest others to us!

Adobe Photoshop

Keyboard Shortcuts (Wallpaper)
CS5 Cheat Sheet
Photoshop Tools
Lasso Tool Cheat Sheet
How to Geek: Photoshop Cheat Sheet
CS5 For Dummies Cheat Sheet
Shortcut Guide
Pen Tool Cheat Sheet
Brush Tool Cheat Sheet
Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Shortcuts
Illustrator Features
Shortcut Guide
Pen Tool Cheat Sheet

Adobe Indesign

Indesign CS5 for Dummies Cheat Sheet
Tools Panel Cheat Sheet
Indesign Shortcuts


The Gimp Sheet
Quick Reference
Quick Reference Card

Apple Aperture

Aperture Cheat Sheets
9 Most Important Shortcuts
Aperture Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom Cheat Sheet
Lightroom Shortcuts


Reflectors Cheat Sheet
Light Falloff Cheat Sheet
Portraits Cheat Sheet
Creative Gel Cheat Sheet
Manual Photography Cheat Sheet
How to Geek Cheat Sheet
Black and White Cheat Sheet

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Shortcuts
The Big Final Cut Pro Cheat Sheet
Final Cut Pro Cheat Sheet

Adobe Premiere

Premiere Short Cuts
Premiere Cheat Sheet
Keyboard Shortcut List

Adobe After Effects
The Big After Effects Cheat Sheet
After Effects Cheat Sheets
After Effects Shortcuts

Autodesk Maya

Digital Arts Guild Maya Cheat Sheet
Maya Hotkeys
Maya Cheat Sheet
Essential Shortcuts Cheat Sheet


Blender For Dummies Cheat Sheet
Blender Guru Cheat Sheet
Blender Shortcuts


Digital Arts Guild 3DS Cheat Sheet
Output Cheat Sheet
3ds Max Tips
3ds Max Cheat Sheet

Google Sketch Up

Sketch Up For Dummies Cheat Sheet
Quick Reference Guide
Commons Tasks In Google Sketch Up
Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver CS5 For Dummies
Dreamweaver Reference Guide
Dreamweaver Cheat sheet

Adobe Fireworks

Fireworks Shortcuts
Adobe Shortcuts Chart


Test King HTML5 Cheat Sheet
HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet
HTML Pocket Book Cheat Sheet
Visual Cheat Sheet
What Beautiful HTML Looks Like
Go Squared HTML Cheat Sheet


CSS Color Names
Go Squared CSS Cheat Sheet
Added Bytes CSS Cheat Sheet
Leslie Franke CSS Cheat Sheet
Smashing Magazine CSS Cheat Sheet
CSS Short Hand Sheet CSS Cheat Sheet
CSS Color Cheat Sheet
Fonts for Ipad and Iphone
Font Reference


Template File Cheat Sheet
WordPress Help Sheet
Go Squared WordPress Help Sheet
WordPress Theme Development Checklist
WordPress 3.0 Template Tags
Blog Maintenance Check list
WordPress Cheat Sheet


Drupal 7 theming Cheat Sheet
Drupal 7 Cheat Sheet Desktop Wallpaper
Drupal Hooks
API Cheat Sheet
Cheat Sheet Drupal
Drupal for Dummies Cheat Sheet


Javascript for Dummies Cheat Sheet
JS Helper
Javascript_Refererence Card
Add Bytes JavaScript Cheat Sheet


Prototype Wallpaper
Prototype Library
Prototype Cheat Sheet


Jquery Cheat Sheet Wallpaper
jQuery Visual Cheat Sheet
API Cheat Sheet
Oscar Otero Jquery Cheat Sheet


PHP Cheat Sheet
PHPUnit Cheat Sheet
PHP Cheat Sheet Dash Board Widget
PHP Quick Reference Guide
PHP MYSQL for Dummies Cheat Sheet
PHP5 Cheat Sheet
PHP Security_Checklist
Go Squared PHP Cheat Sheet


MySQL Cheat Sheet
Tech Evangelist MySQL Cheat Sheet
PHP MySQL for Dummies Cheat Sheet
MySQL Administration

Ruby on Rails

Added Bytes Ruby Cheat Sheet
Envy Labs Rails 3 Cheat Sheets
Blaine Kendall Ruby On Rails Cheat Sheet
Rails Online Quick Reference
What Goes Where, Rails Cheat Sheet
Active Record Relationships Cheat Sheet
RJS Demistified,_Amy-Hoy
Quick Reference Guide


The Web Developers SEO Cheat Sheet
SEO Cheat Sheet
SEO Cheat Sheet on link building
One Page SEO Cheat Sheet

Social Media

CMO Social Media Landscape
Social Media Cheat Sheet
Social Media Tips and Tricks

Let us know what cheat sheets were most helpful to you by commenting on this post!
If you know of any awesome cheat sheets that we have missed please leave a comment below with a link!
Thanks for reading!


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