Aerial Photography, No Plane Required

Aerial Photography, No Plane Required

Yanna Arthus Bertrand
photo credit: Yann Arthus Bertrand

Aerial Photography is an exciting and fun challenge for any photographer!

If you have no idea what aerial photography is, or if you just want some awesome aerial photo inspiration, check out this link, there are some awesome pictures over there!

A common myth however is that you need to be in an airplane! Not true! Sometimes you just need to hike up a mountain, or take an elevator ride up in a very tall building. Also, Over at Photo JOJO they have a wonderful little how to article that involves some foam core and a balloon! I am dying to try this out!

If you happen to have the amazing opportunity to be in an airplane however, here are some tricks for getting the best pictures possible, and how to get a plane to take you up for picture taking!

Now if you happen to have take photos from up very high, you are most likely going to have to battle with haze in your images. Here are two different tutorials that will help you have better contrast in your images, and essentially remove haze. Tutorial 1 : Tutorial 2

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